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Xenogears will be the first game I transfer onto this system. (Archived)HeikeKagero1010/15/2011
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InFamous on Vita? (Archived)
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Importing, will the Japanese Vita have english as a language setting? (Archived)beest9610/14/2011
They should put Devil May Cry on this. (Archived)
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Will Dynasty Warriors Next be ready by US launch? (Archived)KaiserLeo110/14/2011
I lost any and all interest in this console now, its pointless (Archived)
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Oh no Vita can't run PSX games!!!! (Archived)
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Who misses Lik-Sang... (Archived)chooca310/14/2011
how come nobodys mad that this system can't play ps one titles? (Archived)
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Take a PSP 3000, take away UMD, add a few PS3 ports, take away PS1 classics (Archived)xCha0s510/14/2011
PS2 Classics are Here!!! (Archived)
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Playstation Vita's Back Touch Panel: A Gaming Revolution (Archived)trent44810/14/2011
KH 10th anniversary coming up... (Archived)ShiniakWarrior510/14/2011
UMD for Vita? (Archived)ShinigamigodX1010/14/2011
How powerful is the Vita? (Archived)
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What would be the ideal (yet realistic) battery life for the Vita? (Archived)
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I would like to see a new Castlevania Optimised for the Vita (Archived)
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What games that you think would work well with the features the Vita has? (Archived)
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2 things that worry me about the Vita (Archived)KaiserLeo410/14/2011