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Should I sell my old PSP go to pay for the Vita? (Archived)
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Sega's new UK studio, Hardlight, is working on exlusive Vita title. (Archived)CloudStrife63081/22/2012
Do we at least know why Vita doesn't sell in Japan ? (Archived)
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If you pre-order the vita does it come out Feb 15, 2012 for NA? (Archived)Galaxy_Nova81/22/2012
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Now I am done (Archived)
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I just can't win. T_T (Archived)
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I love you guys. (Archived)
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all of these people bashing the vita/3ds are not true gamers (Archived)
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Is the PS Vita 3G sim locked? (Archived)CREEnana51/22/2012
what will be the Vita's sexy game? (Archived)
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I would love a vita star wars game. (Archived)darchur007101/22/2012
Are all PSP games transferable or not? (Archived)zerooo031/22/2012
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Tekken Prime Vita Edition! (Archived)Chicken45351/22/2012
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High quality Silcone case? (Archived)
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Did Sony really know what they were doing when they went for "PSV"? (Archived)Nichtcrawler X71/22/2012