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Did a demo for Hot Shots Golf come out on the NA PlayStation Store today? (Archived)KirbyIsAwesome32/14/2012
When you get you vita tomorrow, are you setting up a JPN PSN or NA PSN? (Archived)moomoo4772/14/2012
just found out we get a free screen protection kit for preordering at AMAZON (Archived)
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PSN titles for ps3 and vita (Archived)DrummerShane1212/14/2012
How much money do you think Microsoft spent to make the vita? (Archived)ManjiMidou62/14/2012
What are you doing to prepare for the Vita (if your getting it tomorrow) (Archived)Blazefire_72/14/2012
Spotify (Archived)Blazefire_32/14/2012
Should I get the unlocked version of 3G? (Archived)gymnast_7962/14/2012
Amazon shipped my FEB Vita (Archived)
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PSP RPGs? (Archived)Soldier3rdClass42/14/2012
Doubling as a music player questions.. (Archived)Zell122622/14/2012
Ridge Racer, launch or not? (Archived)
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3G Vita (Archived)
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Best buy memory cards??? (Archived)XXCalibanXX52/14/2012
8:30PM and my vita FEB still hasn't shipped (amazon) (Archived)
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Wipeout launches tomorrow? (Archived)eliteoneXP22/14/2012
What audio file types does Vita support? (Archived)BiotiteGoomba22/14/2012
Preorded the Vita today, trying to figure out a game to get with it. (Archived)
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Vita boxes make me feel like a giant (Archived)TheBlueJinjo32/14/2012
Fifa or Hot Shots (Archived)
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