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Is there any way to check exactly how long I've played a game? (Archived)BdowDELL22262/20/2012
Trigger Grips and cases? (Archived)Sketch72200252/20/2012
accounts and memory cards. (Archived)mearhar152/20/2012
New Vita Commercial (Archived)BigAl51992/20/2012
Anyone pay attention to Target giving away a free memory card on Wifi purchase? (Archived)Slipknot243032/20/2012
16gb or 32gb? (Archived)derrckisnumber162/20/2012
Is this the portable PS3 we've all been hoping for? (Archived)TychusFindlee72/20/2012
vita/ps3/psn question. (Archived)EraseGrey32/20/2012
i thought the vita was coming out tonight :( (Archived)FreddySavage342/20/2012
The case that came with FEB last week, like really? do you use it? (Archived)
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my opinion on the games I own for you new vita owners (Archived)NinjaGamer_2362/20/2012
Probably going to make the switch to the 3G Vita at launch (Archived)Phange_242/20/2012
.Flac support for vita? (Archived)sintygypsy52/20/2012
My B2G1 Free Target Experience - be jealous... very jealous (Archived)
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Do we get strap with the bundle for the VITA? (Archived)richbad102/20/2012
My Most Anticipated Vita Game gets a 9/10 from Eurogamer. Guess the game? (Archived)
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Best way to hold the Vita for playing MHFU (and in general) (Archived)Riyo_chan32/20/2012
Is there a time frame when psn will offer ps1 games, more psp games and a larger (Archived)aaroncort32/20/2012
Help me decide... (Archived)whyklef82/20/2012
To those worried about Amazon, and not shipping yet. (Archived)JranEQ12/20/2012
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