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Dead or alive Paradise is going to be amazong on this. (Archived)CobraGotDamn92/8/2012
List of Compatible PSP / Minis on the US Vita (Archived)
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ill get umvc3 at 2/14.. and the system at 2/22 (Archived)coldshadowater22/8/2012
Why is Sony trying to sabotage the Vita launch? (Archived)
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Why do they call it being a first adopter??? (Archived)darchur00782/8/2012
UFC Undisputed 2010 (Archived)Panson1642/8/2012
multiplayer (Archived)Assassin4Life72/8/2012
Dark quest? (Archived)Shamefulmanatee42/8/2012
They got a Hello World home brew running on the Vita? (Archived)TinyTankX72/8/2012
I'm getting the Vita first edition bundle, but??? (Archived)moomoo4722/8/2012
Vita actually in HD? (Archived)PhilBrooks102/8/2012
Can anyone notice the weight difference between wifi and 3g version? (Archived)godbowsdowntome62/8/2012
is this case good at all? what do you think? (Archived)COBRAxDFWxPJ42/8/2012
Will PSP games played on a PS Vita lose multiplayer capabilities? (Archived)xxsniperxx3132/8/2012
PS Vita Capabilities (Archived)scanbeeno82/8/2012
Little knowledge I found on oled screens there cool. (Archived)
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POLL do you avoid playing video games in front of ur girl friend ? (Archived)
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People Seem To be Forgetting/Ignoring Vita's Potential :o (Archived)
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about the back touch pad (Archived)
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Remember this? (Archived)-Jammo-52/8/2012
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