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original playstation games don't work on vita yet, but... (Archived)ernieforss72/20/2012
Email from Sony with lower HSG & Wipeout $ (Archived)IcedTequila22/20/2012
I'll only consider buying one if I can use the portable hot spot on my phone.. (Archived)
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i traded in my 360 (Archived)
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Better way to shut off games? (Archived)Sailor Goon62/20/2012
Best case? (Archived)eliteoneXP72/20/2012
So, is there a way for me to buy one copy of UMvC3 and play it on PS3 and vita? (Archived)tdkieci72/20/2012
So we need a proper Gran Turismo game for this sexy gadget! (Archived)intolaomair42/20/2012
Ever think there will be a handheld KOF? (Archived)Chicken45392/20/2012
When will PSN have Vita games? (Archived)nugzz52/20/2012
Question? (Archived)Jrx162/20/2012
Can you download already released HD remasters on the Vita at launch? Or ever? (Archived)
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japanese account with english text? (Archived)tiamat99922/20/2012
The vita commercials could be better (Archived)redninjaviper32/20/2012
Too Many Buttons! (Archived)
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Question about the Home Button and Standby.. (Archived)crawdad52/20/2012
Do any of you know what the Call of Duty game will look like for vita? (Archived)
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Question for you all (Archived)Just_DJ12/20/2012
first impressions (Archived)mybloodysunday42/20/2012
Any good games coming out after launch? (Archived)
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