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what would be average size of space you guys would want as a memory card? (Archived)
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Anyone else going to wait until it gets hacked? (Archived)
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Someone got the Vita already (Archived)fuzaco212/15/2011
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How could you all double cross Nintendo after all they had done for you? (Archived)
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no reason to be concerned with the overpriced memory cards for the vita (Archived)
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Is it just me... (Archived)
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Coul Ruin be a Launch Title? (Archived)Megabest39212/14/2011
I will buy the downloadable version of any game only capable of game-card saving (Archived)astronautcowboy412/14/2011
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Newegg has this up for preorders (Archived)
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Blazblue and UMVC3 coming at ya in time for the First Edition Bundle (Archived)peacefulchaos712/14/2011
Where can I pre-order the hardware AND accessories? (Archived)JetPilot812/14/2011
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