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Anyone picking up vita memory card and vita games before the systems out (Archived)
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as if the board needs another....finally hands on! (Archived)gamecubemayun12/5/2012
Those analogue sticks. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
How excited are you about Vita, 2 weeks ago (Archived)bulletproven50102/5/2012
Will the games be downloadable at launch for a discount? (Archived)Storm Chamber62/5/2012
The back scratches easily (Archived)
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UMvC 3 (Archived)OUTLAW200952/5/2012
We need a BorderLands game! (Archived)Megabest39102/5/2012
2 questions regarding built in apps and hdmi link up... (Archived)n_uk200962/5/2012
Is it me, or is it not very loud? (Archived)pencru22/5/2012
Any idea on how big a dl Escape Plan is going to be? (Archived)dark1san32/5/2012
First time I see a PS Vita infront of me ... (Archived)Starlight8872/5/2012
PSN ID the same? (Archived)n_uk200962/5/2012
Veetah? (Archived)
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My first game to be played on the PS Vita will be DUN-DUN-DUUUUN!!!!! (Archived)
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Headphones (Archived)zepfya12/5/2012
Can i buy PSP games on the PS3 now and transfer them when Vita comes out? (Archived)
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what's the game everyone's gettn when released? (Archived)
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what are you spending the discount voucher on (Archived)hockeyguy199232/5/2012
Vita testing.....hmmmm?? (Archived)bankyx12362/5/2012
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