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how come people are spending $400 or more? (Archived)DarkOstrava32/7/2012
Is there going to be a midnight release? (Archived)
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What games can we play over 3G? (Archived)
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question. sorry if this has been asked (Archived)fosda52/7/2012
Never saw this before, looks like this is going to be my case (Archived)
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If I get the 3G launch bundle but ultimately don't use the 3G... (Archived)LinkRemembered62/7/2012
anyone find out how to play japanese PSP PSN games on one account (Archived)tiamat99912/7/2012
About back comp (Archived)Nepherael102/7/2012
Gamestop sold out? (Archived)co1onel62/7/2012
Gamestop (Archived)
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best launch fighter on vita? (Archived)
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The Vita looks really nice Smaller then I expected. Saw one at Gamestop (Archived)zerooo0102/7/2012
Hmmmm my gamestop is already sold out of the 16gb memory cards (Archived)AncientRomeBC32/7/2012
How would you convince someone to get a Vita? (Archived)CobraGotDamn72/7/2012
Tough deciding between these vita games near launch... Help? (Archived)DARQ MX52/7/2012
psn name (Archived)opiate197432/7/2012
Couple less things to complain about the Vita (Archived)supersaad12/7/2012
1st Edition Bundle! What are you picking up? (Archived)
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And you said iPhone can't have vita graphic (Archived)ZooM158592/7/2012
damn you sony! (Archived)TheTurban92/7/2012
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