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A nice 3ds vita comparison video. (Archived)darchur00751/21/2012
Anyone know when the Hori accessories on Amazon are supposed to release? (Archived)Vademon8621/21/2012
NA list of nonplayable PSP games? (Archived)FKRW4Life91/21/2012
Vita battery is replaceable. (Archived)Mamune31/21/2012
Can I use the psp's memory card in the Vita? (Archived)Shesha41/21/2012
If the 3DS is a ripoff, the Vita appears to be a bigger ripoff (Archived)
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Think I'll have trouble getting this on launch or should I preorder? (Archived)JurassicBond101/21/2012
17.65 gigs of psp games (Archived)
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So... help me decide, First Edition Bundle or just wait for the Wifi version?? (Archived)
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Man I hate waiting :((( (Archived)mach2568731/21/2012
Guys I'm out. (Archived)
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Preorder (Archived)darkassasin333101/21/2012
Tired of the Gloom and Doom on this board... I love my Vita ! (Archived)anthonymacc81/21/2012
So if I buy a game digitally (Archived)psprulz200781/21/2012
Any word if the Devil May Cry HD Collection will be coming to PS Vita? (Archived)alexg198911/21/2012
"PlayStation Vita Components Worth $159.10" (Archived)
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This is why ps vita is going to be the best....link inside (Archived)hustla_fo_sho91/21/2012
To those that imported (Archived)XNo_FearX21/21/2012
Attn mods! What do YOU play? (Archived)Usernameused81/21/2012
Should I go ahead and Preorder this for day one or wait it out? (Archived)
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