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Drop the touchpad on the back..... (Archived)
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The Dilemma: Set a profitable price or Set price to lose (Archived)frogandlard41/31/2011
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Awesome system, but it needs to be smaller to be successful. (Archived)
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Since Sony's going back to cartridges, will it eliminate load times? (Archived)
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If Sony is serious about not letting this thing fail (Archived)
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Will the analog sticks pop in/out? (Archived)Geolink234941/31/2011
I suspect this will be cheaper than or on par with the 3DS in Australia. (Archived)KaiserLeo21/31/2011
Im favoring this over 3ds because I am lefthanded (Archived)
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5 Reasons Why I'm afraid of NGP (Archived)
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RESOLVED: I am getting an NGP (or whatever Sony eventually names it) (Archived)
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Most anticipated NGP game that hasn't been announced yet but you know will be. (Archived)Pal102respawn81/31/2011
The single thing that will ultimately make the NGP fail is... (Archived)
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