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Street Fighter X Tekken Vita version has 2 bonus characters? (Archived)
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I pre-ordered my VITA! GameStop has gotten bad tho... (Archived)
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Vita the best fighting console yet? (Archived)
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H.o.t.D (Archived)
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Considering this affects all systems...Konami is dissolving Hudson Soft...(lt) (Archived)Vademon8681/18/2012
whats your dream vita game (Archived)
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Eventually will I be able to play NHL 12 online with vita via remote play? (Archived)delt3131/18/2012
You know what would kick @$$. If onlive worked on the Vita. (Archived)
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Anyone know if Little Busters Vita (Archived)Bearpowers31/18/2012
What games are coming out soon in Japan (Archived)bluehat9431/18/2012
Any US sites selling Vita games? (Archived)TomCrook11/18/2012
I have some questions, Can I still use the Vita without a Memory Card? (Archived)MatrixHasYou81/18/2012
What Game Will be to the vita like Mario and Mario Kart are to the 3ds (Archived)kyomagi51/18/2012
Gravity Rush, aka, the release date enigma... (Archived)
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So how many of you are going to wait for a price drop now? (Archived)
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Who like to see a jak and Dexter game on vita. (Archived)darchur00761/18/2012
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