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I was mindblown how good Rayman Origins Vita gameplay is on this video (Archived)ronrealplaya49/19/2011
A quick question that I'm sure has already been beaten to death. (Archived)sacman6489/19/2011
man I hope Ragnarok Odyssey comes here (Archived)tiamat99949/19/2011
I think Transfarrable games should be offered at discounted prices. (Archived)
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Post TGS Playstation Vita News Round Up + New Features Announced (Archived)
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If I bought the japanese version of vita (Archived)JF7X59/18/2011
The single reason the Playstation Vita is going to be awesome bundled with a PS3 (Archived)Asemco99/18/2011
Couple questions about the vita. (Archived)TacoOfTheOpera29/18/2011
Great Vita OS overview: video recording / uploads, game livestreaming, etc (Archived)
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Were any colors confirmed? (Archived)dragonknight11039/18/2011
Sam Bishop (ign) hints that RE PSP, Lost Planet are being developed for Vita (Archived)
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I don't know about you, but my wallet is dead... (Archived)MW2_Main_Menu49/18/2011
My cat has a green and blue eye and FFX is the last actual numbered FF I played. (Archived)
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Okay the Vita automatically won the handheld wars with 3DS (Archived)
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Rate my marketing slogan I'm pitching to Sony right now: "Livin' La Vita Loca!" (Archived)
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Is the vita download only? (Archived)Sega_Saturn0989/18/2011
A few questions about prices... (Archived)Marsford49/18/2011
This is still going to be one of the finest systems ever (Archived)
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I know this might be the wrong place for this.. but bestbuy... (Archived)Carte36099/18/2011
Once it launches what kind of complaining will we find on this board? (Archived)
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