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Hands down the biggest disappointment of NGP is (Archived)iliveforffandwo82/2/2011
Do you agree that price is the key to the NGP's success? (Archived)
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The reason having a touch-screen fails here is because... (Archived)ASDF_Shado92/2/2011
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To those who say the PSP2 doesn't have HD Graphics: (Archived)
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Wait so the NGP games are going to be on the Android? (Archived)
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The browser better be using WebKit.... (Archived)
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cannot wait to play little deviants with my junk! (Archived)
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Here's my concern. The problem with the PSP was NEVER the PSP itself (Archived)
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Honestly, I love what's happening between Sony and Google (Archived)GrampaGort62/2/2011
I want the multiplayer games to have a Zombie mode! (Archived)SSJ4CHRIS42/2/2011
Should Sony allow more developers to create apps and games for the NGP? (Archived)sunchipsboi72/2/2011
Before we go into 3ds vs NGP/PSP2 let us be open minded and think. . . (Archived)
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