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So this is going to cost less than $600, right? (Archived)
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This looks cool, but I'm getting a 3DS first. (Archived)GHofPersia101/30/2011
Analog Sticks Question (Archived)Msterchiefjr341/30/2011
How likely is it that the name will be changed before the release? (Archived)Naveen9391/30/2011
NGP=Sega Nomad (Archived)hawaii_nyy_fan101/30/2011
You know why humans don't breath underwater? (Archived)Miracle_Paint91/30/2011
The only real problem i have with the NGP is te display. (Archived)
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2 sticks! (Archived)hotdogninja51/30/2011
Which game will you buy first? (Archived)_RockBand_51/30/2011
Has anyone else.. (Archived)Final_Tran101/30/2011
I heard we got some NGP haters (Archived)
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I welcome the NGP & 3DS to our world! (Archived)KratosWarrior81/30/2011
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What if instead of the PSP2 (Archived)freshmakerrrr71/30/2011
price, price, PRICE! (Archived)DrGonzo61551/30/2011
PS3 Slim is $300.....would you still get the NGP if it were $300? (Archived)TehDonutLord101/30/2011
I actually have a question about this now... (Archived)___Django___21/30/2011
Do people seriously expect PS3 style graphics on a handheld? (Archived)
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Nintendo's weakness (Archived)
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Are you going to buy a PSP2 @ launch? Why? Why not? (Archived)
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