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Anyone else see the Vita ads on GFAQs? (Archived)co1onel32/13/2012
I hope we get a Jackie Chan Adventures game! (Archived)Tengu_spam92/13/2012
Had to make this topic: Which games attraced you more, eastern or western titles (Archived)moomoo4722/13/2012
To those who believe the Vita had a poor launch(based on review scores)... (Archived)GeminiX732/13/2012
Youtube recording? (Archived)JoeAdvanced42/13/2012
When / should I get this (Archived)mapexjo72/13/2012
Amazon is shipping accessories! (Archived)
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escape plan availble on PSN tomorrow. also superstardust (Archived)
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being that most games downloaded from Ps3 work (Archived)tiamat99922/13/2012
Gravity Rush delayed until May 29th (Archived)icewolf74102/13/2012
Now that i've seen what the Vita has to offer I gotta say: (Archived)
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No RPG on release date ? (Archived)ArcXenos102/13/2012
Quick question, any help would be extremely appreciated. :D (Archived)HotTreeGecko42/13/2012
Do I have to wait a month for Super Stardust Delta? (Archived)nowplzdie6922/13/2012
question help (Archived)metalkinight12/13/2012
Comparing to the 3ds launch to the vita launch (as an launch owner of both) (Archived)
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So... CNET doesn't hate the Vita (4/5) (Archived)KurodaMurasaki92/13/2012
ATTN: Regarding Vita Release Date Delivery Amazon (Archived)Blazefire_12/13/2012
I hate Sony now. (Archived)
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C/D: You've bought a $5 Buck Box for the code and thrown away the food (Archived)xLexLuth0rx72/13/2012
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