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How little do graphics matter to you? They matter alot to Nintendo (Archived)
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3DS hits 4 million in the U.S, will the vita be able to hit that number as fast? (Archived)
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I'm starting to think it might be wise to cancel my pre-order (Archived)
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For the Vita board, there sure is a lot of crap here about the 3DS. (Archived)the_cajun8811/4/2012
MH vita(and 3ds lite) rumour (Archived)
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Idea for Sony to improve sales (Archived)
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Best place to pre-order? (Archived)
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Vita Needs a price drop if it wants a stronger launch (Archived)
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Amazon is listing the 3G version as discontinued (Archived)Broncav101/4/2012
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Can we download Corpse Party on this system? (Archived)
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