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PS Vita wont include memory card, 3 to 5 hrs battery life (Archived)
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FFX remade announced (Archived)
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where can i watch the sony keynote address at?? (Archived)ZeroChanceOfBan19/14/2011
if you have software for any of the 600 PSP games you will be able to port them? (Archived)Jonwh1899/14/2011
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PS Vita proving again why they are the next generation portable systems (Archived)
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vita has even worse battery life than the 3DS (Archived)
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Sign here if vita is a day one buy for you! (Archived)
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Wait, OLED means Organic Light Emitting Diode (Archived)Number4369/14/2011
were those 26 games the only launch games? (Archived)Jonwh1849/14/2011
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Were any games announced at pre TGS (Archived)dragonknight11049/14/2011
I cant wait for the Vita! Lol seriously the Vita is a powerhouse amazing machine (Archived)zerooo089/14/2011
so according to the press Release (Battery Topic) (Archived)Zero9749/14/2011