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Enough money talk! Why are you excited for Vita? (Archived)
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Will u be buying Vita on 1st day? (Archived)
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What would you do if the Vita could play PS2 games (Archived)
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F1 2011 Vita VS 3DS screens (Archived)
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Lets Compare Launch Line Ups and The "future" (Archived)
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You can remote play ANY ps3 game? (Archived)
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Why can't we change key bindings on consoles like a PC can? (Archived)
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Any one know gamestop will take preorders on the vita memory cards (Archived)cubans312/2/2011
Sad 3ds victim (Archived)
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So like, if you pre order, and get it a week early, won't you not be able to buy (Archived)Jprime666812/2/2011