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Do you think we'll see more 2D RPG games like in the PSP & DS? (Archived)
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anyone here buy most of their things online? (Archived)NovaCast411/20/2011
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New video showcasing the PSVita colors (Archived)
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Psn/PS1 Classics available day 1? (Archived)
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Just to be sure Vita is region free right? (Archived)Ellinika_211/19/2011
[Dec Launch Games] Games with English language? (Archived)Joel89SHE311/19/2011
would I be able to access the Jp psp store with NA ps vita? (Archived)
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So the 3G version is going to require you to pay for a data plan from AT&T? (Archived)Shuriko411/19/2011
anyone else wish saints row 3 was gonna be on vita? (Archived)Jonwh18711/19/2011
Professor Layton for Vita? (Archived)3D3911/19/2011
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