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Why do people think the PSP was a failure when it sold 64 million units? (Archived)
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The PSP 2 will revolounitze the handheld market. (Archived)ReggieBush0981/30/2011
I see one thing that will destroy NGP sales. (Archived)Wiiplayer11151/30/2011
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Out of curiousity. If you have intentions of getting the ngp why do you care... (Archived)
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so your telling me.... (Archived)mogofwar91351/29/2011
man play games that are not Mario Zelda and Pokemon!!! (Archived)
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Will this be able to play PS2 games? (Archived)Cheeseboy9071/29/2011
I am 100% sold on the NGP (Archived)cedricthegreat71/29/2011
Terrible (Archived)jcuser0831/29/2011
Do you guys think the NGP vs 3DS debate... (Archived)
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Release date (Archived)Blazefire_71/29/2011
Chances this will be able to emulate ps2 games? (Archived)
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What could make or break this device is: (Archived)kenio818761/29/2011
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If the NGP is just going to be a mini-PS3, NO THANKS!!! (Archived)
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Japan before US? (Archived)ShinigamigodX51/29/2011
I want my UMD drive back - official petition (Archived)
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Official Playstation Meeting footage hits the web (Archived)soluble_enigma81/29/2011
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