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DOES the ps vita have a built in microphone (Archived)cubans711/18/2011
Wah wah wah. I HAVE to rebuy my PSP games at a discounted price. Wah wah. (Archived)
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Just 100 days left! (Archived)
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Moonbathing1311/18/2011 you guys think the handheld market will remain largely DRM free? (Archived)
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If a paid PSN subscription wasn't an option (Archived)quickposter811/18/2011
How much of a hit will your wallet be taking on launch day? (Archived)
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Grasshopper Manufacture assists JP design schools which develop games on PS Vita (Archived)wakefulness111/17/2011
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I hope vita gets a token kingdom hearts spin-off (Archived)Shuriko811/17/2011
Japanese Interview About Vita Game Cases and Headphones (Archived)ORANGE666411/17/2011
are there any vids/photos of upscaled psp games? (Archived)ouijaouija311/17/2011
Do you think they'll go back and patch some PSP games for right analog support? (Archived)Shuriko811/17/2011
EU won't get the First Bunedles - here are the EU preorder bonuses though (Archived)fuzaco511/17/2011
Two quick questions about transfering UMD games to the storee (Archived)Ice_Bowser311/17/2011
can any1 help me? (Archived)metalkinight511/17/2011
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So Vita being released in HK and TW early then the west? DOES THAT MEAN.... (Archived)
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Should I cancel my 3G Pre-Order, and just get Wifi? (Archived)Ben Reilly511/17/2011
So 3G can cupport multiplayer... (Archived)
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amoled screen confimed (Archived)
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