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I believe there is one hidden feature on the NGP that wasn't mentioned. (Archived)Junpei_Stupei31/27/2011
What? Memory cards? (Archived)horror_spooky51/27/2011
So we know the capabilities of the system, now another queston... (Archived)___Django___91/27/2011
I was thinking about getting this. (Archived)
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Man I can't wait for Birth by Sleep 2 on this thing. (Archived)Wesfanboynever71/27/2011
Why the NGP will succeed, and why it will fail. (Archived)
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Sony clever to use Monster Hunter/CoD/MGS (Archived)
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I cannot wait for this amazing product!!!!!! (Archived)_Ryan4454_41/27/2011
....Are the speakers going to be an issue again? (Archived)ffdgh11/27/2011
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Wow Sony Can You Mess This Up Even More. (Archived)ugoo1811/27/2011
Connectivity to an HDTV? (Archived)xMakaveli21/27/2011
How will I stick this in my pocket without messing up the analog sticks? (Archived)Blair6800021/27/2011
Battery life confirmed 4-6 hrs (Archived)
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haha I thought they were reviving the Neo Geo Pocket (Archived)AlphaWhelp11/27/2011
"Revolutionary Interface" (Archived)pttp_co_nr41/27/2011
Screen resolution of NGP is a mind-blowing 960 x 544 (16:9), 5 inches (Archived)LukeFordTheMan91/27/2011
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worth it for a ps3 owner? (Archived)hedgylove31/27/2011
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