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I don't think it's in competition with home consoles. (Archived)gamer4lever41/15/2012
Vita - Gamer's View or Multimedia View. (Archived)xWant31/15/2012
Okami on Vita? If only... (Archived)KurodaMurasaki91/15/2012
PS Vita Augmented Reality Transforms Your Table Into an Arena (Archived)
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is anyone excited for dragons crown? (Archived)
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Hell, it's so long, why don't we get a release date for Gravity Rush?! (Archived)gamer4lever51/15/2012
What will you get and when? :) (Archived)
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Is there ANY website you can play videos from on the Vita browser? (Archived)gamer4lever41/15/2012
PSPGo charger (Archived)FR43261/15/2012
here is proof that japan is doing fine in japan ! (Archived)
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Improvements from the predecessor? (Archived)OT_Maestro41/15/2012
Questions about the PSV (Archived)marioparty1731/15/2012
Looking to import?!? Here's the best deal. (Archived)EvRy1nVzZ41/15/2012
Anything else I need? (Archived)The_Eternalist51/15/2012
Oddworld: Munch's Odyssey coming to the Vita (Archived)Dr_Koopa7661/15/2012
Amazon has the accessories listed! (Archived)FR43211/15/2012
Why do people have different taste? (Archived)MerchantOfBlood51/15/2012
is there a possiblity that ragnorok odyssey will get loacalized? (Archived)kays741/15/2012
NA release is 37 days, 19 hours, 49 minutes, and 20 seconds away. What are you (Archived)NOM71/15/2012
So why do some of the 3ds people want vita to die (Archived)
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