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Anyone else getting this power girp? (Archived)greenrick4152/1/2012
What game(s) are you getting at launch? (Archived)
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Does this look like it's worth it? (link inside) (Archived)KirbyIsAwesome42/1/2012
Media Create Sales: Week 4, 2012. Vita rebounds, 3DS holds it's ground (Archived)
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Kitt Thrust922/1/2012
YES! Discounts on US downloadable games!! (Archived)
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how quickly do you think we will see vita game deals at TRU? (Archived)joelang1232/1/2012
Vita review (No strings attached) (Archived)
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Do we know if Vita works with Media Go? (Archived)Riyo_chan32/1/2012
Please help me decide! (Archived)Shamefulmanatee42/1/2012
Is there anyone that can answer this question(s) - Gran Turismo PSP? (Archived)VeryBumpy72/1/2012
What is compelling me to get a vita at launch... (Archived)Discova72/1/2012
Your ideal FPS controls setup (Archived)PangLa52/1/2012
so I know there has been enough of these but I just went to gamestop and tried (Archived)darkforest0252/1/2012
Anyone hoping for a monster hunter game? (Archived)
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First gameplay footage of Mortal Kombat Vita (Archived)AncientAstro12/1/2012
planning on getting psp games for the vita..... need help (Archived)zeek88892/1/2012
Is the sound loud with the headphones? (Archived)PangLa22/1/2012
play asia?? (Archived)mcmo2122/1/2012
Japan is the kingmaker for dedicated gaming handhelds (Archived)FierceJello72/1/2012
If killed the psp.... (Archived)
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