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So how do I prevent the system from going into standby while it is plugged in? (Archived)
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Anyone has a blurred text at the back of the sticker? (Archived)PokemonSource52/17/2012
FEB: How do I set my Vita up? (Archived)MerchantOfBlood72/17/2012
Un-announced games you would want on Vita (Archived)Y S72/17/2012
The CC Information is not valid. (Archived)
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ps vita themes and lock screens (Archived)snackman7622/17/2012
Best Racing Game? (Archived)GradyHoover102/17/2012
Q&A from sony (Archived)mcmo2142/17/2012
Call of Duty Vita (Archived)monkeyspoon92/17/2012
I really don't understand why they didn't put in a good browser. (Archived)
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Black Ops 2 Vita? (Archived)Y S32/17/2012
CONFIRMED: Steve Forbes butthurt because Sony didn't do any ads in his mag (Archived)
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Post your Little Deviants 2 Design ideas here! (Archived)Semi45a72/17/2012
Did you name your Vita? (Archived)
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Why isn't Resistance Retribution on PSN anymore? (Archived)LinkRemembered32/17/2012
Have any psp games added support for the second analog stick? (Archived)LIEKmudkiepz102/17/2012
Loading data onto the memory card from Peace Walker won't improve the time? (Archived)XMike1732/17/2012
man gta china town stories would of been great on this (Archived)dreamtheater3322/17/2012
Does anyone know if this has Ps3 Dualshock support and L2/R2 function? (Archived)xenoswug52/17/2012
CrossPlay DOES NOT support Voice Chat?? Good one, Sony............. (Archived)
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