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This thing is gonna have horrible battery life. (Archived)
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Sorry folks but... (Archived)Holy777771/28/2011
Will big, beefy American man hands be able to grip the NGP without cramps? (Archived)LukeFordTheMan81/28/2011
Two different NGP models (Archived)psoesm11/28/2011
Seriously, can't people buy both the 3Ds/NGP (Archived)
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Why do you guys think that the NGP will do better than the 3DS? (Archived)
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I find it sad that there are so many 3DS fanboys trolling this board. (Archived)Mike_HD241/28/2011
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This system *could* also be a decent mini-tablet (Archived)GoIrish8051/28/2011
JRPG's (Archived)
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NGP Q & A on Chief Kaz Hirai PSP Refresh. (Archived)melvin34341/28/2011
Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter IV on the NGP will be... (Archived)LukeFordTheMan61/28/2011
In this topic, we suggest final names for the NGP (Archived)
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If this has PS3 level graphics, won't it likely have PS3 level developmen costs? (Archived)PaperSpock91/28/2011