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Anyone Else Getting The First Edition Bundle?.... (Archived)
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Anyone know if PSOne games will have upscaling like PSP games on the Vita? (Archived)Vademon8641/11/2012
Are any of Sony's first or second party A-teams working on Vita games? (Archived)FierceJello91/11/2012
Disappointed :( PS Vita browser isn't much better than PSP one (Archived)Chicken45371/11/2012
Sub-optimal vita resolutions (Archived)
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I want a vita so bad guys. (Archived)
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Are PS Vita Trophies viewable on your PS3? (Archived)XFactor121/11/2012
would i need to preorder this (Archived)SupremeArticle61/11/2012
Unit 13 gets release date (Archived)HellJumper_SK11/11/2012
- Question to anyone with Dark Quest Alliance - (Archived)
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Why do people keep saying that this isnt going to do as well as the 3DS. (Archived)
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Game Release Dates & Prices! (Archived)
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PSP and Vita are now neck and neck with their launch-aligned sales. (Archived)
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anyone else waiting to get a psv before signing up with ps+? (Archived)pcutta11/11/2012
cmon guys the ps3 sold worse than the vita at first and now it's sold 60 million (Archived)fungivore81/11/2012
Based on low japanese reception, Sony France is reported to launch Vita with 40K (Archived)ZeroChanceOfBan91/11/2012
Unit 13 getting some good praise (Archived)Sailor Goon31/11/2012
Evidently the Vita is getting killed in Japan - good news for those of us... (Archived)Phange_271/11/2012
So how good are the Graphics compared to the PS3?? (Archived)
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As Vita is dying, my interest on it is also dying. (Archived)
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