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Glassless 3D possible for Vita! (Archived)ronrealplaya99/7/2011
Famitsu 3rd week of 4: Not long now for the other six titles to be announced (Archived)
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when will gamestop have this for pre order.. and whats the specs on it (Archived)shads305549/7/2011
Demon's Souls Vita! with cross platform play with PS3! Servers staying on! (Archived)
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I hope Vita cuts off the 3DS' life support... (Archived)
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R3 and L3? (Archived)
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ok ok as much as we're ripping on the 3ds board it isn't allllll bad lol (Archived)Jonwh1859/7/2011
Nintendo follows Sony in putting on a second analog stick/slider (Archived)
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The xperia play got minecraft, will the Vita get it as well? (Archived)roflman0879/7/2011
if your favorite franchise got Vita special model (Archived)
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Lost Planet! (Archived)PutFlame79/7/2011
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Nintendo just keeps pushing more & more people to buy a Vita. (Archived)
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*Joke Topic* I see your plan Capcom.. (Archived)zxelman59/7/2011
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I can't get over how sweet Vita is. (Archived)
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Still no Malicious Vita or Little Kings Story Vita boards.... (Archived)
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