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Comparing PSP2 to 3DS is like comparing PS3 to cookie plate (Archived)Foorizzle61/28/2011
Comparing NGP to 3DS is like comparing Uncharted to Zelda. (Archived)Dark22281/28/2011
So aside from fancy shiny graphics, what does this thing have over even the PSP? (Archived)Toumei101/28/2011
The PS3's finished (Archived)
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Comparing the NGP to the 3DS is like comparing the NGP to the 3DS (Archived)Untamed_Fudge21/28/2011
Can the NGP lift the 3DS (Archived)YamiYugi440011/28/2011
Now who else is glad that they stuck with digital versions? (Archived)MrXGamer61/28/2011
I applaud Sony, but I just don't think the NGP is going to work.... (Archived)
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There needs to be Monster Hunter on this. (Archived)Phantom_Scythe91/28/2011
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Rearrange the letters of "Next Generation Portable" reveals something disgusting (Archived)-Jammo-51/28/2011
How old is too old to want a PSP? (Archived)
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Awful lot of shooters.... (Archived)Bearpowers11/28/2011
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Sony is making the same mistake it did with the psp and ps3.. (Archived)gamer6587101/28/2011
Protruding analog sticks causes problems with portability (Archived)
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