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Anyone have a rough guesstimate about how much games will cost? (Archived)Strider_Hiru11/28/2011
Which are you sold on? The Xperia Play or the NGP? (Archived)MacBookAir31/28/2011
What? No backwards compatibility D; (Archived)
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Idea for ps2 on NGP (Archived)ShiniakWarrior31/28/2011
All the HURRR DURRR $599 people can shut up now. (Archived)
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Gaijinworks making games for the NGP? (Archived)LukeFordTheMan11/28/2011
Post your game wishlist here (Archived)
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I don't want R* to make a GTA game for the NGP. (Archived)Vincent_Core101/28/2011
What Sony needs to battle pirates. (Archived)knightoffire5561/28/2011
Give the final name of NGP (Archived)ma971/28/2011
Is the screen smaller than the psp1? (Archived)ShepardsTwinBro81/28/2011
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Do you reckon this will have PS2 emulation (Archived)
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NGP haters and 3DS lovers (Archived)cedricthegreat11/28/2011
PSP games on NGP can use the 2nd analog stick! (Archived)YAMI_ANUBIS_X41/28/2011
Uncharted Portable Looks On Par With Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (Archived)B3ASTED51/28/2011
Comparing PSP2 to 3DS is like comparing PS3 to cookie plate (Archived)Foorizzle61/28/2011
Comparing NGP to 3DS is like comparing Uncharted to Zelda. (Archived)Dark22281/28/2011
So aside from fancy shiny graphics, what does this thing have over even the PSP? (Archived)Toumei101/28/2011
The PS3's finished (Archived)
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