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got some info for those curious about the 3G version and the plan.. (Archived)
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What are the chances of RooM coming back? (Archived)hypermoe31/9/2012
Are trophies mandatory for the PSV like for the PS3? (Archived)bsballa0921/9/2012
Question about pre-ordering (Archived)
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Would an anno game like 1404 (Archived)Asgabad21/9/2012
A look at playstation vita interior (Archived)L0Z31/9/2012
I bet in vitas life span all features that require 3g will be available later (Archived)cubans41/9/2012
I just cancelled my WiFi and 32gb Memory Card pre-orders... (Archived)
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Games You Want/Wish came to PS Vita. (Archived)gamezero6101/9/2012
Does the 3g version use more battery than the wifi vita even if 3g is not active (Archived)cubans21/9/2012
PS2 emulation (Archived)
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So, regarding the rear touch pad. (Archived)Enclave31/9/2012
I've got all my accessories and whatnot, I'm ready for February! (Archived)
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CES live stream today at 5pm PST (Archived)Natureboy9981/9/2012
free psn game (Archived)ethsfan81/9/2012
Any news about the Justin Beiber bundle lately? (Archived)Goombacrusher61/9/2012
Ninja Gaiden Sigma PLus (Archived)Upyers81/9/2012
3G Service (Archived)cabdragon33311/9/2012
I hope Gravity Rush gets advertised properly prior to release (Archived)
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Official Vita 3G Pricing (Archived)
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