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RUMOR: Final Fantasy X for PS3 and PSVita is a Remake (Archived)
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Are the rumors true?! (Hoping they are) (Archived)pokefan8349/24/2011
Insane new gravity daze abilities trailer (Archived)golsilva69/24/2011
You know what game i want to see on vita... (Archived)minato43439/24/2011
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Which apps would you like to see on the Vita? (Archived)
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Main Menu Customization? (Archived)3D329/24/2011
Anyone else seeing themselves as a PC/Vita gamer? (Archived)
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What do you think of the Vita's external appearance? (Archived)
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Final Fantasy V & VI (Archived)
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Do you think Dragon's Crown will be cheaply hard? (Archived)Ekidona_109/24/2011
Should I sell my psp 2000 for this? (Archived)arceus_mewtwo89/24/2011
Sony shocked by 3DS 2nd analog (Archived)
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We know how we're going to charge this thing? (Archived)darkqueenhelba39/24/2011
okay someone mentioned there games keep saying do you want to quit the game.... (Archived)Jonwh1889/24/2011
has anyone played there psp after watching vita vids and thought wow this looks (Archived)Jonwh1839/24/2011
Hm soo what do you think will be revised first? *spoilers* (Archived)
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Let tell you my Prediction about Square Enix and Hideo Kojima's Plan (Archived)Kenta_PKMN79/24/2011
Something about the 2 models I wonder... (Archived)StonerJack39/23/2011
What do you want in a future revision of Vita? (Archived)
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