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my birthday is today (Archived)fungivore31/7/2012
Monster Hunter confirmed (Archived)
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Is Vita going to sell out in the U.S.? (Archived)
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People saying Vita will be a huge success in USA did you know on the 22 before.. (Archived)
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Will MHP3 save the Vita? (Archived)Icewitch51/7/2012
Are they going to let us NA and EU people buy umd copies of our games? (Archived)paulink11/7/2012
I'm surprised at the sheer number of marketing geniuses on this board. (Archived)
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purchasing psp games from hong kong store (Archived)joshwaan2k11/7/2012
One thing I want to know (Archived)LHS_201281/7/2012
Playstation Vita 3G costs revealed- 250mb=$14.99 and 2GB=$25 a month (Archived)
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Maybe we should wait until it gets released in North American, Europe and Aus. (Archived)Ketorulz21/7/2012
Uncharted: Golden Abyss US boxart (Archived)PhaseBlack101/7/2012
there's no excuse for konami not to make suikoden 6 for the vita! (Archived)ManjiMidou91/7/2012
Flashing blue light, it never stops. (Archived)KonekoKaemon91/7/2012
why are people so dumb? (Archived)mwjohnson551/7/2012
To anyone with the 3H model... (Archived)TinyTim12311/7/2012
Lower sales than the competition doesn't mean it's a failure (Archived)Shadowfxd281/7/2012
Is there any reason to get the 3G version if... (Archived)
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Doomed or Not (Archived)
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The Real Reason People Are Worried About Vita Sales (Archived)
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