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The price is not bad at all. (Archived)
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What the....PSVita games have no manuals?? (Archived)
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Heres when its safe to jump onboard with the PS Vita (Archived)
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yaay My case, strap and screen protector came (: (Archived)XNo_FearX32/8/2012
Game Informer says Battery Life is longer than 3DS in actual practice (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Even if this was a "doomed" console... (Archived)schadow52/8/2012
I know we can't transfer UMDs. Can we still play PSN PSP games? (Archived)Vademon8652/8/2012
hype for the vita (Archived)mcmo21102/8/2012
Gamestop sweetens FEB deal (Archived)
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So how long are the bundles going to be available? (Archived)DiaperDandee52/8/2012
Games available on PSN. (Archived)FR43282/8/2012
Dive Into PS Vita Augmented Reality Suite Video (Archived)the415Anamoly82/8/2012
Best NA launch line up ever? (Archived)
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US Vita PSN Store goes live on 15th or 22nd? (Archived)MustNotTellLies82/8/2012
Buying Vita and 32GB - get the $40 starter kit with 4GB MC? (Archived)
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Unimatrix Zero One142/8/2012
Escape plan is the free psn game from the bundles (Archived)DrkangelBTC12/8/2012
Is a 32 gig a big deal? (Archived)
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We have to do something. (Archived)
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Memory Cards already available! (Archived)Seishinmahou52/8/2012
Sign* if you're anxiously awaiting a launch day vita. (Archived)SpiffaNiff22/8/2012
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