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And it begins... (Archived)Moegitto102/6/2012
Can I play Shatter (PSN) title on the PS VITA? (Archived)
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do these screen protectors seem good? (Archived)tkdkid71782/6/2012
Does PS Vita have a R3 button??....>>> (Archived)Starlight8862/6/2012
I want it, but god damn the list of release games doesn't interest me at all :/ (Archived)Agnostic420102/6/2012
I really want to see an old school survivor horror game on the Vita. (Archived)
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So..has anything even been said about Retail + Digital Download combo? (Archived)FlipManV382/5/2012
1.6 update brings Video Recording, more (Archived)
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The one thing that will keep me from owning a Vita for a while... (Archived)Zakuroo22/5/2012
I touched it, for the very first time (Archived)carcypher102/5/2012
What is the meaning of FPS?? (Frame per second) (Archived)Starlight8852/5/2012
Is the graphic much better in person? (Archived)PangLa42/5/2012
LBP Vita?? (Archived)Syfer00252/5/2012
Question about preordering online.... (Archived)myer702512/5/2012
Wonder when the Vita launches in the US if.... (Archived)AncientRomeBC42/5/2012
In depth review of the Vita. (Archived)CobraGotDamn92/5/2012
Does Sony Have Cloud Storage for Their Systems? (Archived)Luminous_One42/5/2012
People, it's all about PARTY feature (Archived)VariAsiaN102/5/2012
FFX HD confirmed to be a HD remastered port, not a remake (Archived)
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Was there a Vita super bowl commercial? (Archived)
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