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reasons I'm waiting to get a vita (Archived)selenebean201082/17/2012
2 things i want to see on vita (Archived)realzelda12/17/2012
Local Gamestop doing some SERIOUS pushing of the pre-orders... (Archived)
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As any one signed up for the 3G plan and got the free stuff. (Archived)darchur00732/17/2012
If you use an inap picture as your avatar on Near or anything else (Archived)godbowsdowntome12/17/2012
accounts? (Archived)kgould0192/17/2012
ATTN: People who have beaten Uncharted: GA (Archived)BIGGESTPS3FAN42/17/2012
Why should older games be cheaper? (Archived)
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tell me alittle bit about near (Archived)lambchips82/17/2012
Do PSP games "Stretch" or stay as the same PSP screen size? (Archived)backguard22292/17/2012
What Are Your Thoughts? (Archived)dayj1562/17/2012
So can there be multiple saves for each game on one memory card? (Archived)Vademon8652/17/2012
Father beats kid, Kid beats other kids, those kids beat little animals.... (Archived)
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So I'm going to get an American Vita in April. What are my options? (Archived)Bitentili32/17/2012
NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I tried to preorder a first edition bundle and it's too late. (Archived)
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Dead Nation on PS Vita (Archived)airmaxix42/17/2012
Worth buying the Best Buy protection plan with the Vita? (Archived)
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So, any PSP games you have on UMD you're going to bite the bullet and rebuy? (Archived)
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PSN won't let me buy any games. (Archived)CyberHaunky52/17/2012
WiFi + 4GB + Game or WiFi/3G and wait... (Archived)eddiexhart52/17/2012
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