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Gamestop Pre-order switch (Archived)nick14383101/31/2012
Just preordered! Get me more excited than I already am! (Archived)
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For the people getting the Vita on the 22nd (Archived)tygp238681/31/2012
!! I'm very excited I think when Gravity Daze comes out in Japan (Archived)Garfield6421/31/2012
additional info on vita, personal experience (maybe old news?) (Archived)Sir_Anubis61/31/2012
What games will be available on day one? (Archived)
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Does the vita have the problem of stuck or dead pixels? (Archived)darchur00771/31/2012
Why aren't people complaining about the activation limit? (Archived)
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PSN vs. Physical game costs (Archived)
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Downloading stuff directly to your PS Vita? (Archived)vietxpro31/31/2012
Almost sold, one question... (Archived)
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Im finished!!!! (Archived)
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I can say that the Vita has the best controls of any handheld ever (Archived)
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Anyone Gamelist of ALL Vita games?? (Archived)Chicken45361/31/2012
Please explain this PSN device limit to me. Please. (Archived)
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I just played it. (Archived)
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Should I get Dungeon Hunter? (Archived)Blazefire_81/31/2012
Vita's ether pulled me in to possibly purchasing this (Archived)icewolf7461/31/2012
Will PSN have Vita demos at launch? (Archived)ShadowkhNinja71/31/2012
8gb 16gb woth it? (Archived)mcmo2131/31/2012
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