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My opinions on UMD Transfer Fee (Archived)
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3G sounds useless! In Australia it's more expensive! (Archived)Ketorulz811/13/2011
So I bought a PSN copy of Dissidia 012 a while back... (Archived)
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Battery? (Archived)salim118118411/13/2011
Is this true at all? (Archived)Spiffy247411/13/2011
People stop complaining about the umd transfer just keep your psp (Archived)cubans611/13/2011
Will we be able to play our dreamcast games from psn on vita? (Archived)
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Will the vita have a better internet browser than the psp (Archived)cubans711/13/2011
Digital download or hard copy -- what are you planning? (Archived)
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Vita Backward compatibility info (Archived)r12qi711/13/2011
Hey maybe we'll finally get that Elder Scrolls Travles and DMC games on Vita (Archived)SCREAMINGBEATSS1011/12/2011
Question about UMD passport. (Archived)HollowNinja411/12/2011
Inside PS Vita Episode 1 (Archived)TheExiled280611/12/2011
nintedo 3ds game advertise only in the ps vita page why nintedo why ? (Archived)vita1ps31011/12/2011
UMD Passport is about the best we could hope for. (Archived)Yusuke Urameshi611/12/2011
Probably will never be able to own one (Archived)PookyAndMowMow611/12/2011
How dare you people feel entitled to games you already paid for (Archived)
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Storm Chamber2311/12/2011
will the online store be incorporated into the psp one? (Archived)ouijaouija211/12/2011
Do you really care for the vita's multimedia options? (Archived)
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I truly do hope that flash memory takes another step up for the Vita generation. (Archived)
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