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the PSP has just been revealed.... (Archived)
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Touch type. (Archived)teddified31/28/2011
I think the PSP2's back touch pad is very innovative (Archived)
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will this be digital download? (Archived)
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Cute Cute logic of crazed fans~ (Archived)GameGodOfAll71/28/2011
I might be the only one wish that Ar Tonelico 3 port to NGP (Archived)Holy777731/28/2011
Two SKU's....question.. (Archived)libatako11/28/2011
The only thing that I think they messed up on, or should fix before launch. (Archived)linkdarrel71/28/2011
So.... (Archived)teddified31/28/2011
Rear touch pad is a replacement for L2, L3, R2, R3 buttons (Archived)YAMI_ANUBIS_X61/28/2011
Enourmouse list of Publishers/Devs working on NGP. (Archived)
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Will you be able to download games onto your PS3 and transfer them? (Archived)CheesyPhil31/28/2011
Well since i predict everything wrong.... (Archived)popping4it41/28/2011
Do you think the touch screen might have a big effect on the console library? (Archived)Ampharos6411/28/2011
what no umd? (Archived)skiguy198181/28/2011
Blurring the line between portable and console? (Archived)gogogosuper21/28/2011
Cheat system? (Archived)teddified41/28/2011
so...No Cave Inc. Games ports for NGP? (Archived)Holy777721/28/2011
Would be perfect for a pocket version of UT '99 or Half Life.... (Archived)Auction Sniper21/28/2011
Thats seriously its name? (Archived)VandorLee91/28/2011