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what type does vita use... (Archived)
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Would you like Folding@Home on PSVita? (Archived)PhaseBlack58/21/2011
i remember when games were about the STORY and GAMEPLAYS, PS VITA so far (Archived)
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Will the Vita allow Infracture mode for all it's online games? (Archived)Shadowblade32058/21/2011
If Gamestop does a trad-in deal like with they did with the 3DS: (Archived)
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hmm predict the time of sony releasing a vita slim? (Archived)
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Silent Hill is a top-down game (Archived)
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How comparable is Vita to PS3 (Archived)
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Suikoden 1&2 remake,Konami,my money,body&soul will be yours! (Archived)ronrealplaya78/21/2011
Any site have HD videos of Vita games? (Archived)DrGonzo61528/21/2011
Platinum Trophies? (Archived)backguard22228/21/2011
How many here have already paid off their Vita preorder in full? (Archived)EternalNether88/20/2011
Idea for solution to no UMDs on psv (Archived)
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I know UMDs will have game data/patches/etc. saved onto them... (Archived)mahgah91108/20/2011
2012 is the year that I'll retire my ps3 and get a vita. (Archived)
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Worried about the RAM? Vita has more than PS3 (Archived)Natureboy9978/20/2011
I think final fantasy vii is going to get remade (Archived)
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its not fair this isnt sold like the PSP was and its only at cell phone stores (Archived)
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PS2 backwards compatibility (Archived)
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What do people think of the Vita's OS? (Archived)nickfrancis8628/20/2011