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So whats the first PSP game you'll try out having 2nd analog stick? (Archived)
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I don't think the new media cards are what you think they are. (Archived)Boosen87/24/2011
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Vita Shooters (Archived)
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PLAYSTATION VITA FAQ (Please read before posting) (Archived)
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Waiting for release (which system) (Archived)ethsfan87/23/2011
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What's the point of the 3G model? (Archived)
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Can someone post a link of the supposed launch titles. And what is your day1 buy (Archived)zerooo047/23/2011
I hope Square continues the Dissidia series on the Vita (Archived)ChaosInvoker27/23/2011
Sony expected to announce worldwide release dates for Vita at GamesCom (Archived)earvcunanan107/23/2011
Hi PS Vita future owners I own a 3DS but im already bored with it I hope PS Vita (Archived)
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what are YOUR launch games going to be? (Archived)
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Does Playstation Vita have 3D like the ones from 3DS? (Archived)
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How do YOU intend to use your Vita? (Archived)
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