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Would the PSPGo be considered a failure? (Archived)
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Other people living in Europe How well do u think the Vita will do here? (Archived)
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content manger doesnt work in my com (Archived)Jowy87101/6/2012
isnt it obvious that america will be sony's japan for vita ?? (Archived)fungivore81/6/2012
Should Sony allow remote play for Xbox360, PCs, Wii, WiiU with Vita? (Archived)
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I see old arguments popping up.... (Archived)dylanbrandon28661/6/2012
Mass Effect on Vita (Archived)
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Lmao at Gamestop and Vita preorder (Archived)schadow31/6/2012
For anyone that thinks the ps vita needs a price drop or it will fail....enter (Archived)ManjiMidou101/6/2012
Vita Feature: 5 PS3 games that could be improved on Vita (Archived)Raven-Z31/6/2012
Damn you Canada! (Archived)
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32gb memory card (Archived)mcmo2161/6/2012
I don't think sony's past console sales are an effective point of reference. (Archived)unidentifiednga61/6/2012
Buy Online-store Japanese Games on US Vita? (Archived)Raeldor41/6/2012
what is the rumored GoW4 was just GoW for the Vita? (Archived)carlosmuniz2041/6/2012
PSN Pricing - what games are 9.99 etc (Archived)IrishSJ2331/6/2012
Hope this isnt old. (Archived)keybladefan1821/6/2012
So basically, Sony is ignoring the entire point of a handheld console (Archived)
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Norse Mage121401/6/2012
[joke-topic] Vita too expensive for you? (Archived)
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Sony is shooting itself in the foot. (Archived)
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