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Does the Vita come with a memory card? (Archived)
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Is it true that digital copies cost less than the retail version ? (Archived)khalid_199061/31/2012
Was thinking about getting the 3G/wifi version till... (Archived)
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None of the games I'm interested in are in the EU launch line up :( (Archived)Faris69Hilton61/31/2012
32gb card (Archived)mcmo2121/31/2012
First thing I thought to myself when I touched it.. (Archived)dart24651/31/2012
Will you be going mostly hard-copy or mostly digital with your Vita games? (Archived)
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Is there a Wifi switch on the Vita like the PSP? (Archived)3D361/31/2012
This grinds my gears... (Archived)Beck22551/31/2012
Is this whole win a Vita Taco Bell promo legit? (Archived)Krav71/31/2012
Does this bundle come out the 22nd? (Archived)
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PSP Cross platform play? (Archived)EdwardDigital11/31/2012
is it better to buy the 300$ bundle then the 250 wifi? (Archived)Greek5071/30/2012
Will online be continuous? (Archived)3D341/30/2012
Can you play GTA LCS, GTA VCS and Burnout Legends on Vita? (Archived)gamerapper11/30/2012
Your experience playing with the PS Vita demo unit (Archived)
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Well it's confirmed Gravity Rush is coming out in... (Archived)
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What kind of rpg elements can we expect from gravity rush? (Archived)Slipkordisem61/30/2012
Bundles in Australia (Archived)Usualsuspectz71/30/2012
The Vita will bomb.. (Archived)
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