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If Monster Hunter 4 or 5 was announced for the Vita at TGS...... (Archived)
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I bet you! (Archived)TheStickMafia39/13/2011
Vita games for me (Archived)ColoredStars9229/13/2011
What will my Vita do without Monster Hunter??!! (Archived)
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Sony's pre-TGS Vita conference for the 14th goes up - will be livestreamed (Archived)
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Do you think they'll include PvP in Ragnarok Odyssey? (Archived)ronrealplaya19/13/2011
So say if you could only have 2 of these Vita games which would it be (Archived)zerooo099/13/2011
what would you put in a new ff tactics game for vita? (Archived)CoquitoAbK49/13/2011
Applications (Apps) (Archived)
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You dont know at what time is the sony conference in your country? this can help (Archived)fabiangdl29/13/2011
DJ Max Technika coming to Vita (Archived)StonerJack59/13/2011
where to watch the Tokyo game show? (Archived)
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I had this hunch that Ragnarok is going to be one Vita's System Seller (Archived)
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The Sega five for Vita (wait six) (Archived)
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Vita ad idea... don't kill me (Archived)
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Looks like we'll be getting a proper look at Ridge Racer Vita at TGS... (Archived)GameDesignerSage99/13/2011
New Gravity Daze/Rush video with director of game (Archived)golsilva99/13/2011
How can sony surpass the vita? (Archived)
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what ace in the hole will Sony bring out to combat MH3G and MH4? (Archived)
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Even if MH4 is 3DS exclusive, I wouldn't be too bummed about it... (Archived)Board_hunter56759/13/2011