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trying to justify buying thisjubrany72/14/2012
PSn updated.. any demos for vita titles?NinjaGamer_2342/14/2012
Noob question about buying digital games on the PS3 and Vita???XXCalibanXX22/14/2012
iPhone Hotspot works fine?Yasihiko22/14/2012
What are the potential benefits for 3G over wifi?samurai_rob62/14/2012
So all games allow access to custom soundtracks?GuyverAssasin32/14/2012
Anyone know what the Trade in Value is for Little Deviants?
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Interesting how Capcom of all companies can be a big factor for Vita in Japan...Wesfanboynever12/14/2012
the headphones for 19.99 from sony good or bad?
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Who of You am I going to have to mug tomorrow...backguard22212/14/2012
I didn't see anybody mention that live stream last night until now (Ps1: "soon")Snoopydance72/14/2012
Did a demo for Hot Shots Golf come out on the NA PlayStation Store today?KirbyIsAwesome32/14/2012
When you get you vita tomorrow, are you setting up a JPN PSN or NA PSN?moomoo4772/14/2012
just found out we get a free screen protection kit for preordering at AMAZON
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PSN titles for ps3 and vitaDrummerShane1212/14/2012
How much money do you think Microsoft spent to make the vita?ManjiMidou62/14/2012
What are you doing to prepare for the Vita (if your getting it tomorrow)Blazefire_72/14/2012
Should I get the unlocked version of 3G?gymnast_7962/14/2012
Amazon shipped my FEB Vita
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