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So it's up to the publisher whether Vita games have printed manuals. (Archived)
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Can someone make a video showing the PSVita game box and any other game box? (Archived)TalesOfStarOcea512/17/2011
Remote Play Testing Video (Archived)DarkPhoenix852112/17/2011
Could someone tell me the email for Japanese sony support? (Archived)TomCrook112/17/2011
Import Question (Archived)anthonymacc212/17/2011
Famitsu Ratings for the JP Launch Games (Archived)Foshy_teh_n00b412/17/2011
How do I turn on the power? (Archived)
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PS3 Storage? (Archived)FR432112/17/2011
Mario bought a Vita >.> (Archived)nesky612/17/2011
Question about 3g model (Archived)Murderstorm117112/17/2011
ps3 - psv interconnectivity (Archived)casker_112/17/2011
For those getting the teeny tiny 4GB mem cards, Uncharted is only 2.77GB in size (Archived)
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It's not a good idea to import the vita now (Archived)Hanzoh512/17/2011
Report: Vita may ship 700K due to strong pre-order demand (Archived)
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Online PS3 friends on a Vita ? (Archived)Solid_PW212/17/2011
will Vita internet browser be able to play youtube? (Archived)Power Turtle812/17/2011
You can't play PSP demos on the Vita (Archived)astronautcowboy312/17/2011
sorry if this is asked before. (Archived)HotCell43212/17/2011
PS VITA stream.. (Archived)iori3000412/17/2011
PC Engine Game Archives ARE supported at launch (Archived)astronautcowboy312/17/2011
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