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would I be able to access the Jp psp store with NA ps vita? (Archived)
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So the 3G version is going to require you to pay for a data plan from AT&T? (Archived)Shuriko411/19/2011
anyone else wish saints row 3 was gonna be on vita? (Archived)Jonwh18711/19/2011
Professor Layton for Vita? (Archived)3D3911/19/2011
Vita 1st edition bundle question (Archived)Kenta_PKMN211/19/2011
I hope the file system isn't FAT32 at launch (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
ps vita can be use as a cellphone (Archived)cubans811/18/2011
PSN games on the Vita- (Archived)Thormeister211/18/2011
just came back from MLG prov I play the Vita for a an hour ask me anything. (Archived)carlosmuniz201011/18/2011
Can You Play MW3 On The Vita? (Archived)boredyay511/18/2011
Is Call of Duty gonna be a launch title in North America? (Archived)
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Im not taking the vita serious til EA sports and 2k sports start supporting it. (Archived)
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NEW Gravity Rush Screenshots (Archived)
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Are you guys getting the first edition bundle? (Archived)
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What the hell is this new device? (Archived)toastedmuffin89411/18/2011
PSN is free to use right? (Archived)
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Argh Help needed! (Archived)Boosen611/18/2011
So anybody know the exact info about the memory? (Archived)
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DOES the ps vita have a built in microphone (Archived)cubans711/18/2011
Wah wah wah. I HAVE to rebuy my PSP games at a discounted price. Wah wah. (Archived)
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