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Will target have uncharted, ninja gaiden, and umvc? It's empty now.
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3G/WiFi for $280.. Now I'm excited for wednesday!!!
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Dynasty Warriors -or- Ninja Gaiden?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
POLL did you enjoy waiting for the vita ?fungivore102/20/2012
Anybody else like the Home screen/UI?FMofDeath32/20/2012
Q's about switching PSN accounts and dowloading demoSeishinmahou42/20/2012
Vita games rapidly dominating Amazons best sellers right now.
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So this won't be in stores 'til Wednesday ?NewportBox100s42/20/2012
Mash softer! Don't let other people playing your vita fighters!Encephlon52/20/2012
still not a fan of the analog sticksFlyinTonite72/20/2012
Can I add 3G psv to my cell phone plan?67576576572/20/2012
POLL which is cuter : 3ds or vita ?fungivore82/20/2012
Is it possible eto just surf the web WI-Fi using the 3G model?starman9842/20/2012
Please sell me on the PS Vita
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So will the games be up on PSN tomorrow or Wednesday?plus1zero82/20/2012
Need help for back up saves and changing store..ReOn_Kawaii102/20/2012
Is this a good deal? Gamestop related
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Think they'll make an Ape Escape game for this system..?TinyTankX42/20/2012
Launch game round upGetsugaTensh012/20/2012
PS Vita vs 3DS review by a videogame official site.
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