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Sony is making the same mistake it did with the psp and ps3.. (Archived)gamer6587101/28/2011
Protruding analog sticks causes problems with portability (Archived)
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Double the resolution of the original (Archived)Swickman8191/28/2011
Confirmed internal memory? (Archived)thinkingofwar101/28/2011
Looks like sony is gearing up for another poor hardware launch (Archived)Deathsword0081/28/2011
Marcus NGP (Archived)celticsage61/28/2011
400 dollar hand held. (Archived)ReggieBush0941/28/2011
The price will make or break the ngp (Archived)BiggEA61/28/2011
I hope they revise the system a little before they release it (Archived)Infamously9181/28/2011
Do you think this will come the us at the same time as japan? (Archived)conker51631/28/2011
Don't you think that this is perfect for a portable little big planet? (Archived)bloodlover4ever21/27/2011
how does 3g work? (Archived)
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A new detail, I noticed in the NGP, the D-PAD! Look closely. (Archived)YAMI_ANUBIS_X41/27/2011
Price speculations. (Archived)
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the NGP has a 4 core processor, right? (Archived)
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So, Why Is The "PS3 In Your Pocket" Concept Supposed To Be Appealing? (Archived)B3ASTED81/27/2011
So im guessing it can emulate ps2 games? (Archived)sly20011/27/2011
What is this? 2 (Archived)ReggieBush0971/27/2011
Hypocrisy of IGN and Sony haters (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Could be used as a PS3 controller? (Archived)Mizzou_Guy61/27/2011
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