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Just realized Im not getting a Vita (Archived)
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Asian Vita Value Pack. Is the Asian PSN Store open? (Archived)Jimdb712/29/2011
I just realized something about the wifi version (Archived)KoffSyrup812/29/2011
Can somebody tell me the difference between these HORI screen protectors? (Archived)Jimdb712/29/2011
Gameplay by an actual Vita owner (includes Unboxing) (Archived)wolf_blitzer85312/29/2011
Who is saving for PSVita like me ? (Archived)
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actually this isn't bad for Sony (Archived)
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Sony is totally jacking us. (Archived)FrankFontaine1312/29/2011
How do I get the patches in America? (Archived)decdriver212/29/2011
how to delete a downloaded video on Vita? (Archived)hanzorovita312/29/2011
Charging (Archived)decdriver412/29/2011
The day Resident Evil 4 is ported or otherwise becomes playable on the Vita (Archived)YonicBoom712/29/2011
Show what game should be my first? (Archived)mach25687212/29/2011
(UK) Which out of the 4 Vita Cases & Pouches are you going to get? (Archived)Pauluspinkydude912/29/2011
I still can't call it the "Vita" to my friends (Archived)mahgah91612/29/2011
Since Vita is slow selling in Japan right now.... (Archived)
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Are there really any downsides to buying a used Vita? (Archived)
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Note to Sony about... (Archived)wolf_blitzer85612/29/2011
Media Create Sales: Week 51, 2011 (Dec 19 - Dec 25) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 ]
An important message for anyone wanting the Vita EARLY (U.S. atleast) (Archived)wolf_blitzer85512/29/2011
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