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3G question (Archived)SuperVegito248732/6/2011
This looks way better than the 3DS! (Archived)blarghameh92/5/2011
There's only one series that I hope to god will be ported. (Archived)Box-monkey92/5/2011
do you think the ps4 will also be released when the ngp is released? (Archived)yetiberry72/5/2011
Remember when everyone said the PSP would destroy the DS? (Archived)
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A List of PS3 games you want to be ported. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
will portable gaming someday be the main gaming scene? (Archived)Prowdeegy32/5/2011
How durable...? (Archived)Soccer00932/5/2011
if there was one game you could have on the ngp that is a port of a old game (Archived)
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Daily Battery Life Thread (Archived)Bearpowers92/5/2011
Who is going to buy... (Archived)hooraykratos62/5/2011
Is it right if Patapon 3 released on NGP?? (Archived)axelwr4482/5/2011
I heard that the graphics on it was crazy (Archived)CrabCakes500052/5/2011
SonyxNintendo= NGDS (Archived)RyuuseiGodZ92/5/2011
really scared (Archived)negrobembon82/5/2011
would you pay *499 us dollars!* (Archived)
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3ds cux it up (Archived)CaptainFran52/5/2011
sony is killing the psp too early (Archived)
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Will I be able to buy this with 599 US dollars? (Archived)KHRZ92/5/2011
So that A sticks can be pushed in right (Archived)
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