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Is Tales from the Borderlands out on vita yet?BigEholixs181411/25 9:22PM
where is gravity rush 2?
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vita is too dark
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sweet didn't know PS TV bundle came with Sly CooperManinstagnate311/25 8:17PM
For those that have played criminal girls......
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Quit b****ing over video games and tell me what you're playing on the Vita.
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Have access to a play station four right now, can I play Vita games on it?PrettyTonyTiger811/25 8:04PM
Angry Birds Star Wars just $17.99 this week if you have PS+
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Do you think retail PS Vita games will sell more if they had a physical manual? (Poll)
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I was really hoping for some good Vita game sales for Black Friday.Leanaunfurled411/25 7:14PM
How is the Vita still alive?
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the SONGS in Project Diva F 2nd are amazing
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If I'm only a handful of episodes in the anime, should I wait to play SAO?the_NGW811/25 5:38PM
If you bought a Launch Vita you are about to get a free $50Garfield64711/25 5:35PM
Gamestop trade in pricecalender68611/25 5:33PM
12 month playstation plus card 39.99$ at Fryspotatochobit311/25 5:31PM
Your game of November? (Poll)
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so... Black Friday...
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Why does sony have to take unethical moves to sell the vita?xfactor311/25 4:31PM