need some people that update daily on black market for trophies

#11TwizzllePosted 5/18/2012 10:15:09 PM
I update pretty frequently. PSN - Twizzlle
#12_WolfBro_Posted 5/19/2012 4:04:43 PM
add me.

the vita is charging at the moment. so i am leaving it alone.


i update multiple times a day. just started my crushing play through.
#13twerterPosted 5/20/2012 7:37:13 AM
PSN: fuzywuzy

i update a lot in the later hours of the day.
#14Haku72Posted 5/22/2012 8:44:57 PM
PSN: D1crzydzzy
#15SusurrousPosted 5/23/2012 7:27:09 AM
PSN: Susurrous

I am updating about every hour now... only got three bounties in two days. :)