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What is the price of this for download (is a US$50 PSN card enough)? (Archived)ZERO_X0222/21/2012
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Uncharted Golden Abyss - game breaking glitch (Chapter 24 Charcoal Rubbings) (Archived)ralfie_o22/21/2012
Uncharted GA Vs Uncharted 1-3 (Archived)ss3goku3952/21/2012
Why do the enemies scream when they fall after headshot? (Archived)Semi45a32/21/2012
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game for 79p (Archived)oldmario22/21/2012
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*Spoilers* Uncharted Vita 2 story revealed!!! (Archived)whyklef72/20/2012
Played the DEMO today at gamestop...questions (Archived)AndehPandy22/20/2012
<3 Marisa Chase <3 (Archived)BLZBUB32/20/2012
Chapter 13 Items/Mysteries?! How do you grab things in this cutscene?! (Archived)Animal_Delos32/20/2012
Worst Uncharted game made? I know its a handheld, and not by Naughty Dog. (Archived)
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what does the circular arrow symbol in the vita menu do for this game? (Archived)enigmatic alex42/20/2012
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Worth getting, and where does it fall? Between 1,2,3..... For ps3 (Archived)An0therBK22/20/2012