Some useful moves that are easily missed

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"Gravity Jump"
While at the beginning of a jump press the R button followed immediately by the L button. This technique is really useful when jumping over areas that require gravity shifting.
"Landing Strike"
This move is a bit of a rarity, seeing how it is almost never used. The landing strike technique can be used when Kat lands after a high jump, preferably the gravity jump. The best way to master this technique is to notice when Kat lands. As stated above press the SQUARE button after Kat reaches the ground in the landing slide she does. Infinite use is possible if one masters the gravity jump.
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Everyone probably already figured this out already but when in a gravity slide L will take you out of it, very useful if you just missed something as it's the fastest way to stop.
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thnks for this tc.i just picoed up a vita and got this free.having a blast....typng kinda sucks on thisbthing lol
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